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Getting to Know New World Title & Escrow - Strategic Partner Spotlight Series



Getting to Know New World Title & Escrow - Strategic Partner Spotlight Series

by Chris Barranco

STRATEGIC PARNTER SPOTLIGHT ARTICLE GRAPHICSNVAR recently had the opportunity to interview Helen Krause, VP of Marketing at New World Title & Escrow, as part of the Strategic Partner Spotlight Series. Learn the key takeaways from our conversation with Helen!

1. How does working with New World Title & Escrow benefit the Realtor®? 

Helen emphasized that adding value is a key priority for herself and for New World Title & Escrow when establishing relationships with Realtors®. This starts by being present and responsive, and allowing clients to know they can count on her. Helen noted that a large part of her job is providing value when hosting and attending events, putting on classes, including Continuing Education, facilitating mastermind groups and more.

2. What separates New World from other Title companies?

New World is an independent title company. Helen detailed that a lot of similar companies have joint ventures or are owned by a real estate firm, or brokerage. New World is non-affiliated, and this often results in positive feedback, as people choose New World for their value, and not because they were encouraged by their broker. 

In addition to this, New World has multiple locations, allowing them to connect Realtors® with the best processor for their region. 

New World also receives positive feedback on responsiveness - a key element needed when closing deals in real estate. New World focuses on being proactive when working with Realtors® and Helen attributed this to the dedicated team she has working beside her. 

3. Why should someone get title insurance?

Title insurance protects against things not seen during a title search, prior liens not properly recorded nor indexed properly, and also fraud. According to Helen, there’s a title issue in about 36% of transactions, and while some of these are easy to resolve, others are not. This causes more of a problem than some people realize, and this is why title insurance helps in those situations. There are both basic and enhanced Title Insurance policies. The Enhanced Title Insurance policy covers post-closing forgery, mechanic leans, permit issues and more. Helen recognizes that during the home buying process, it is natural that individuals are cost conscious about their closing fees, but title Insurance provides peace of mind after they walk away. 

4. Can you discuss your Realtor® Education programs?

While New World provides continuing education courses that can also be found at other title companies, the organization reaches higher by bringing in highly sought after speakers in the real estate industry. Their diverse networks include experts in real estate, social media, PR, business management, legal affairs and more. 

The mastermind/roundtable groups cover all sorts of topics, and often those that are trending at the current moment. The group connects participants with top producers, new agents and more. The mastermind and roundtable groups leave a large impact as participants leave feeling motivated, appreciated and inspired to drive their business to the next level. 

5. Is there anything else you'd like to discuss or highlight?

Helen is proud to have been recognized twice as the NVAR Affiliate of the Year. She actively volunteers in the real estate community and finds joy in connecting with others in the industry.

About Helen Krause

Helen Krause is one of the owners of New World Title & Escrow. Helen serves as Vice President of Marketing and is also a settlement agent. 
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