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Getting to Know SUPER - Strategic Partner Spotlight Series



Getting to Know SUPER - Strategic Partner Spotlight Series

by Chris Barranco

Jonathan AsfourNVAR recently had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Asfour, Account Executive at SUPER, as part of the new Strategic Partner Spotlight Series. Learn the key takeaways from our conversation with Jonathan!

1. What separates SUPER from other home warranty companies?

Jonathan emphasized there are three key contributors that separate SUPER from other home warranty companies. 

  1. SUPER Only Uses Four (4) & Five (5) Star Contractors - SUPER's local Contract Relations Managers vet all contractors before assignment. Payment is issued differently than with traditional home warranties, ensuring that there is no incentive for a contractor to deny a claim, unless it’s truly a denial.
  2. SUPER Encourages Subscribers to "Own Like a Rental" - "Owning like a rental means" that anything a renter would typically ask their landlord to do, homeowners can ask of SUPER. Maintenance items are included in plans at a low fixed cost. This saves homeowners the headache of calling someone themselves and being overcharged a significant amount.
  3. SUPER is a Tech Company - SUPER's efficiency is unparalleled, accomplishing tasks that other home warranty companies cannot. Contractors get paid faster, arrive sooner, and Realtors® can get notified every time a client has filed a claim on their home. 

2. How can SUPER benefit the Realtor®?

SUPER notifies Realtors® via email every time a client files a claim on their home, allowing Realtors® to keep tabs on their client after the transaction. This is highly beneficial, as Realtors® can often get blamed for a mechanical issue in the house, even if the Realtor® had done everything they were supposed to, regarding home inspections. 

Furthermore, home warranties are a good resource to have when navigating negotiations, especially with the changing market. They can provide clients the peace of mind needed to finalize a transaction. 

3. How can SUPER benefit the homeowner?


Around 65% of homeowners experience at least 3 breakdowns a year, and most people do not budget for breakdowns. According to the SCIC, only 26% of home owner's budgeted for maintenance costs last year and only 36% budgeted for home repairs last year.

This can be very, very costly. SUPER helps mitigate the cost of these repairs, protect a homeowner's biggest investment. 

4. What's the number one reason for why someone should choose SUPER?

SUPER has higher coverage limits, and their terms favor the clients, allowing them to actually cover the common things that break down in a home. Their dedication to providing clients with world class service and their ability to differentiate themselves from other home warranty companies result in a positive customer experience. 

5. How can a Realtor® learn more about SUPER?

Realtors® can always reach out to Jonathan, or simply go to the website, to sign up within SUPER's real estate portal. SUPER has an abundance of resources, including a digital brochure they can send to their clients.

About Jonathan Asfour 

Jonathan was recently recognized as the 2022 NVAR Affiliate of the Year, a testament to his dedication and commitment to helping Realtors®. Jonathan services all of Northern Virginia and half of D.C. as an Account Executive, personally working with Realtors® and supporting their clients. At times, Jonathan helps Realtors® negotiate directly as they seek to implement a home warranty when navigating a transaction.

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