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Celebrating Years of Success: Ellie Wester

by. Grace Mathias Parr
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Meet Ellie Wester: Ellie Wester is a native Washingtonian and graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Education and a minor in Art. She briefly taught in Maryland and Virginia before she chose to stay home with her kids. Once her children were in school, she decided to get her real estate license and work “part time.” This only lasted for about a month, before quickly turning into a full-time career that has continued since.

Ellie has been an NVAR Top Producer for 50 years. She loves what she does as a Realtor® and takes joy in being part of the profession. Ellie enjoys the opportunity to learn every day, experiencing various aspects of the transaction and all the personalities she encounters. With no two days being alike, she appreciates getting to work with all types of people, doing different things each day. Her secret to her extensive career has been learning the art of patience. As her most important piece of advice, she states, "Patience is probably number one closely followed by learning to listen and remembering it is not about me instead it is about my clients.”

Ellie believes the biggest change in her career has been technology, noting its profound and positive impact on the profession. From her perspective, technology allows Realtors® to work more efficiently, professionally, and with greater knowledge.

Ellie feels being a part of the Top Producer’s Club means she is part of an elite group, and she loves working on transactions with her fellow Top Producer’s. She uses her experience as a Top Producer to work closely with new agents to help them get through transactions smoothly. In addition, being a Top Producer allows Ellie to convey to her clients her success.

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NVAR congratulates Ellie for achieving 40+ years as a Top Producer, and thanks her for her positive impact on the association, the profession, and her clients.  

In 2022, The Top Producer's Club will have quarterly networking events. Top Producer's can find more information about them on the TPC Facebook page!

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