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A survey to help Realtors® find and get clients more easily was done. And the following is what was found:

Q: Do you drive?
A: "Oh yes!" 

Q: How did you learn?
A: "1. I went to a driving school 2. Someone taught me 3. All of the above.

Q: Do you network?
A: "Of course! Who doesn't?"

Q: How did you learn how to network?
A: "Uh, uh... 1. I just walked into room  2. Someone pushed me into the room

Fact is, we wouldn't take the car keys and hand them to a 16-years and just ask him/her to go ahead and drive. However, this is pretty much the situation we have.

The good news for you is that following this an exact and workable networking know-how, "NETWORKING for PROFITS" was developed and we are now providing it to ALL REALTORS®.

Below is a testimonial out of the many, along with more details on this course:

"I totally enjoyed the class. I learned a lot. I really like your teaching style. I was amazed at how much I didn't know about networking. Thanks!

With Love,

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