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Getting to Know Bright MLS - Strategic Partner Spotlight Series


Service Provider Spotlight Hub (3)Getting to Know Bright MLS -  A Conversation with Meagan Longerbeam

by Chris Barranco

Untitled design (24)NVAR Staff recently had the opportunity to interview Meagan Longerbeam, Customer Success Manager for the Northern Virginia Region at Bright MLS. 

"What makes Bright MLS a valuable resource for agents?" 

Meagan led by stating that agents can utilize Bright MLS for access to listings, emphasizing it is a very large MLS, servicing six different states, giving an agent not only insight to areas they are servicing, but also areas outside of their normal footprint. This means agents can assist clients who may be looking to move outside of their current area, helping to also facilitate referrals. 

Moreover, there is an abundance of tools that can help agents brand and sell themselves within Bright MLS, along with valuable information on market trends and tools for statistics or presentations. 

"Can you speak about who benefits from Bright MLS? Is it just for the agent?"

Bright MLS is inclusive, serving professionals in nearly every facet of the real estate industry. As an example, Bright subscribers aren't just real estate agents, they are also appraisers, real estate offices and brokerages, along with associations and their staff.

The most notable benefit for agents is to list and find homes, equipping themselves with the tools available on Bright, appraisers can use Bright when setting the value of a home, and brokerages and associations can leverage Bright for data and statistics.

"How can Realtors® learn more about the tools they have through Bright MLS?"

Training is the most effective way that Realtors® can learn and engage with the tools they have available through Bright MLS. There is always an opportunity to learn, as webinars are available on a set schedule all throughout the week. Bright also will conduct trainings in-person at NVAR. Bright presents at NVAR Fairfax once a month, often providing two classes in one day, in addition to operating at NVAR Herndon once a month. These classes often have a workshop type feel and are more engaging than traditional education. 

Furthermore, Bright MLS coaches host office hours, allowing Realtors® to meet one on one and have personalized, direct instructions with a coach. 

Bright MLS can train on an office-wide level, coordinating with brokerages to come in and do more customized, tailored training. Meagan recalled veteran agents who have attended a training and provided feedback, stating, "All this time, I had no idea these tools were available." 

"Does Bright MLS post any data or reports on the Bright MLS website?"

Bright MLS has market reports and weekly updates that are generalized to capture trends and activity in different regions, in addition to tools that allow subscribers to customize reports to fit their needs. 

"What is the number one thing you would recommend for why someone should join Bright MLS?"

In addition to being able to access and leverage easy-to-find data, Bright provides added protection when it comes to compensation and conducting deals. If you are a member with Bright, you will receive public record access, tools to gather statistics and access to partner products. Meagan stresses that Bright is more than just a data platform, it’s a great resource,  all around  whether for market, statistic data or for just entering your listing and getting your exposure.

"Can you speak more about your role at Bright MLS?"

Meagan's position is unique. Not only is she the Customer Success Manager for the NVAR Region, but she also manages the entire coaching team in the region, ensuring the coaches have what they need to be able to effectively reach all local subscribers. Meagan facilitates relationships between Bright and associations, or brokers, so these organizations feel comfortable coming to Bright with questions. Meagan wants to know if there are trends, issues and/or problems that subscribers have identified, so Bright can address these needs or work with the association. Meagan is a connection to Bright, people have her as a resource, as she provides support on the MLS end. 

"What else should we know about Bright MLS?"

As emphasized earlier, Meagan really encourages training. There are many tasks Realtors® often have to complete on their own, as they are independent contractors. The MLS has tools to make business easier, if individuals are open to learn. Bright's mission is to help subscribers with their business. Bright is a lot more than just a database of info, there are plenty of resources that can help Realtors® grow their business. 

Visit Bright MLS's website by clicking here

About Meagan Longerbeam

Meagan Longerbeam is a Customer Success Manager with Bright MLS supervising Customer Success Coaches with providing support and training to all subscribers in the NVAR region. Meagan has been with Bright for over 3 years and has years of experience in real estate through both office management and support of broker's and agent's businesses. She has also worked with agents in the NVAR region for over 10 years. Meagan is passionate about helping subscribers become more efficient in Bright and helping them find ways to enhance their business.

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