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Celebrating Years of Success: Bonnie Haukness

by. Grace Mathias
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Meet Bonnie: Bonnie and her husband grew up in North Dakota. After graduating from the University of North Dakota and majoring in German, Bonnie and her husband traveled around the US in many different areas. Once having two children and being tired of moving, Bonnie's husband took a job with the US Department of State in DC which he was with for 32 years. Bonnie used this opportunity to join the workforce. After seeing an advertisement for Long and Foster in The Post, she interviewed with Dory Jackson and got the job. Dory did warn her that at that time people might have a hard time trusting someone who didn’t have grey hair yet with such a large purchase- a challenge that Bonnie rose to the occasion to overcome. Real Estate has allowed Bonnie to meet so many people and become friends with many clients!

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Bonnie when she first got into Real Estate  Bonnie and her husband, Bob Bonnie with her family celebrating her and Bob's 50th Wedding Anniversary

After getting a job at Long and Foster, Bonnie was excited to tell her husband, Bob, about the opportunity. Bob asked her, "Great, what's your salary" and he didn't understand Bonnie's response – "no salary." Despite that initial shock, Bonnie has had incredible success in the industry and has been an NVAR Top Producer for 40+ years—an undeniable achievement. Bonnie loves what she does, and you can hear her love for the industry in how she talks about it. Bonnie can't imagine having a typical desk job, and her secret to her success (and long career) has been to have fun when working. She says she loves working with people, which has helped her throughout her time in the industry.

There have been so many changes in the industry since 1976 when she started. The main one is the internet. Bonnie reflects on when everyone would gather at their offices because around noon, a large stack of papers would be delivered with all of the new listings, which they would sort alphabetically, make copies, and then get started with the day. The invention of the internet means Realtors® can find new listings right away. However, this has impacted the Realtors® hours- harder to maintain work-life balance.

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Bonnie has enjoyed her 40+ years as an NVAR Top Producer because it helps further her career. She said she includes "Top Producer" in her email signature to clients, which indicates her success. Bonnie values the opportunity to be recognized for her labor and love in the industry. She appreciates all that NVAR does for Realtor® Members!

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