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Bright MLS: T3 Sixty


In the spring of 2021, Bright MLS partnered up with a real estate research and consulting firm named T3 Sixty [T-360], a significant enhancement to the multiple listing service. 

The partnership between Bright MLS and T3 Sixty led to the creation of the first home demand index of its kind. A machine-learning algorithm generates an index score at the metro and ZIP code level based on market activity. It includes a five-level rating scale, from limited demand to high demand. The score generated is also broken out by property type: single-family, condo and townhouse/rowhouse/twin.

Sample 1

What does this mean? The index score provided uses real-time data to generate the most accurate information about future market conditions.

Sample 2 

Know when it's the ideal time for your client to buy or sell, have the most relevant data when calculating investment opportunity projections, and more with The Bright T3 Home Demand Index. 


Points of Contact:

For Bright MLS:
Christy Reap
(202) 309-9362


For T3 Sixty:
Paul Hagey
(510) 384-4688

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