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Steps to Preparing Your Clients for Their Upcoming Move

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Moving is a hectic time for your clients. Between finding the right moving company to packing their home, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the process. Use these helpful tips to ensure they have everything covered for an upcoming move:

Decluttering- According to USA Today, clean, organized and staged homes sell in nearly half the time it takes to sell a non-staged home. Suggest to your client that by removing excess furniture, boxes and miscellaneous clutter they can make their home stand out from the rest. Potential buyers will be able to picture themselves living in their home.

Temporary Moving Storage- Your client may face a domino closing or a situation where they need temporary storage when moving from one property to the next. Suggest a storage facility with 24/7 security to give your client peace of mind about storing their belongings.

Moving Estimate- Your client may ask you for recommendations on reputable moving companies. Have one or two companies in mind that would suit your client’s needs. If they need more information about moving services, direct them to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) website to learn about the benefits of using a certified ProMover.

Packing- Packing services may and or may not be necessary depending on the size of the home and number of goods your client will be taking to the new destination. Should your client decide to pack for themselves, inform them of the following tips for a smooth packing process:

  • Used boxes are great, so long as they are in good shape. Cardboard boxes can be expensive. In the months leading up to your move, start saving boxes. You can pack clothing and other soft items in repurposed boxes. Consult your moving company about obtaining boxes for fragile items like artwork or dishes.
  • Paper is the best! Contrary to popular belief, bubble wrap doesn’t cut it when protecting precious goods-- it creates ‘dead’ space that could result in damage. Crumpled unprinted newsprint can be used to cushion and fill open spaces inside of your box. By individually wrapping your items and filling your boxes to the top with paper, you will decrease the likelihood of your goods being crushed during transit.
  • Remember, packing tape is your friend. Duct tape is useful when it comes to DIY projects around the house, but not necessarily when it comes to moving. Stay away from masking tape and reinforced fiber tape when building your boxes. Good ol’ fashioned packing tape or mailing tape is designed to adhere to cardboard and can be removed easily.

If clients are interested in learning more about packing, direct them to packing classes. Companies like Interstate Moving & Storage offer Do-it-Yourself Packing classes. The two-hour instructional class, held in the Springfield training house covers everything from how to pack lamp shades to properly wrapping dishes. RSVP for the September 15 class by emailing

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