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Best Tools for Real Estate Developers or Home-Flippers


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Real Estate Tools

Even after obtaining a degree and your license as a real estate developer, your education shouldn’t stop there. In order to excel at this position and make well-informed decisions, you’ll benefit from consulting a number of helpful resources.

These tools allow you to dive deeper into a particular financial discipline, learn a new skill, or familiarize yourself with a new tool. To save you the trouble of seeking out credible resources, here’s a list of useful tools that are highly recommended for your team and your next project.

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling:Real Estate Financial Modeling has some of the best financial analysis tools and data solutions currently offered in the real estate market. The best part? A number of them are free. A popular offering is a free Excel model that allows you to quickly determine if a housing subdivision development transaction is worth further analysis. Some other services offered include private coaching, consulting, and auditing to assist you in improving at your craft.
  • BiggerPockets: This site assists users in achieving their “ideal life” through real estate investing. One of the most useful tools offered here is their fix and flip analysis and reporting tool. It allows you to estimate your potential profile, includes all costs to determine true value, and creates printable PDFs to show to lenders or partners. To avoid paying more than you have to during your next house flip project, try out this tool to maximize your profit and minimize spend.
  • ARGUS:ARGUS is a software package that can help you analyze your investments and make better transaction-focused decisions. It helps you with budgeting, managements of your real estate assets, and more. You’re able to customize your reports to track cash flows, keep up with forecasts, and keep your business profitable. By modeling your project using this software, you’ll ideally be able to provide greater transparency and instill confidence in your stakeholders.
  • Houzz: Houzz makes revamping homes easy. Users can browse more than 16 million photos for design inspiration, learn where they can purchase furniture pieces, and connect with home-improvement professionals to help with remodeling and design projects. The feature that’s most helpful to home flippers is the tool that matches you with a general contractor based on your zip code, the area of a home you’re working on, the purpose of the project, etc.
  • YouTube Videos: With 65 percent of the population being visual learners, it’s no surprise that so many benefit from YouTube instructional videos. There are a variety of videos covering the topic of real estate development at your disposal; it’s all a matter of choosing the right ones. Some that come highly recommended include Graham Stephen, Bigger Pockets, Fix and Flip Hub, and Grant Cardone.

To truly master your craft as a real estate developer, you shouldn’t stay complacent with the knowledge you already have. Take advantage of the resources at your disposal to really perform as well as possible.

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