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I Hate the Open-Plan Kitchen—and Amazingly, I'm No Longer the Only One

An open kitchen with the words - No thanks

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Though open kitchens may be all the rage, let me dare to say right here: I'm anti-open kitchen.

"In essence, the kitchen was becoming a source of pride." These days, you flip on HGTV or pick up a flier for an open house in your neighborhood and chances are they're heralding an open-concept kitchen.

Here's another bitter pill for the fan of the closed-off kitchen to swallow: Open-concept kitchens might help boost a home's resale value.

So which kitchen is right for you? Here are a few concepts to consider as you decide: What kind of cook you are If you tend to do takeout or don't mind your mess being visible, then an open-concept kitchen could work for you.

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