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NVAR Partners with Leading Realtor® Associations to Host 3rd Annual Global Success Month


Promoting Global Business for Realtors® Across the Nation

The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® (NVAR) are thrilled to lead our third annual Global Success Month this March. The yearly recognition of worldwide real estate opportunities has promoted global business for Realtors® both locally and across the nation.

“Global transactions are very different and much more complex than domestic deals,” says Miguel Calvo, NVAR Director and current chair of the Global Advisory Team. “Global Success Month provides Realtors® with a path to success and invaluable education that could make or break a real estate transaction.”

Partner associations continuing involvement from previous years include the Long Island Board of Realtors®, Miami Realtors®, and North Carolina Realtors®. This year’s efforts expand with additional participation from Orange County Realtors®, Mainstreet Organization of Realtors® and the Houston Association of Realtors®.

The strengthened network will elevate global outreach efforts, educate more Realtors® on the opportunities of international real estate, and invite support from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR). NAR currently recognizes April as Fair Housing Month, June as National Home Ownership Month, and September as Realtor® Safety Month. The inclusion of Global Success Month will advance opportunities for Realtors® who are seeking additional resources, guidance, and opportunities to expand business.

“Realtors® in Northern Virginia have access to an entire Global marketplace without having to leave their neighborhood,” says Ryan McLaughlin, NVAR CEO and Immediate Past Chair of the NAR Association Executives Committee. “This year’s Global Success Month is elevated through the involvement of our amazing association partners across the country, stepping up to lead on behalf of their Realtor® members.”

NVAR has achieved Diamond Global Council recognition from NAR. This recognition demonstrates NVAR's long-standing commitment to global business. The NVAR Global program distinguishes itself with a strategic focus on Realtor® and economic development and investment. Out of 1,200 Realtor® Association entities worldwide, NVAR is one of 12 associations to have been awarded this elite status to date.

Visit NVAR’s Global Success Month webpage today to engage with and support this year’s Global Success Month.  

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