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REALTORS® VOTE! More Than 90% of NVAR Members are registered to vote!


More Than 90% of NVAR Members are registered to vote!  That is over 10,000 registered voters.  Imagine the possibilities if all Realtors® went to the polls On or Before November 7 and voted for our Realtor® Party Champions!

That is what we are asking you to do. Get out the vote!


Your Northern Virginia Realtors® Political Action Committee (NV/RPAC) and your RPAC of Virginia Trustees have endorsed Realtor® Party Champions across the region.  These candidates have met with your Associations and they understand the importance of the American Dream of Homeownership. Each endorsement follows extensive candidate interviews, meetings with Realtors®, examination of voting records and a determination that each candidate is willing to work with the Realtors® on our policy objectives.  

Reach out to NVAR or the Virginia Realtors® if you have questions about the candidate endorsement process.   


The deadline to vote early is Saturday, November 4, at 5 p.m.  

Early voting locations are open for all races across the region and throughout the Commonwealth. Check with your local voting registrar for times and locations.  


Applications to request a mail-in ballot must be received in the Office of Voter Registration & Elections by 5 p.m., Friday, October 27. 


Completed Mail Ballots can be dropped off in person at installed ballot drop boxes across the region. Ballots must be dropped off by 7 pm Election Night or received in the mail by noon 3 business days after the election. (We do not recommend mailing a ballot less than 10 days before an election.)  


If you vote on Election Day (November 7), you must do so at your designated polling place. On Election Day, all polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Confirm your voting location and your registration at before you go. 


If you are one of the few Realtors® NOT registered to vote and you missed the normal registration period that ended on October 16, it is not too late; Same Day Registration is available to you! (Beginning with the 2022 General Election, the General Assembly approved legislation that provides the ability to register at any time, up to and including Election Day.) 

To register and vote on the same day, you must be in the correct locality and at the correct polling location. You will be issued a provisional ballot, and you will cast your vote on this provisional ballot. This is a ballot that will not be scanned and will not be reflected in the “unofficial” results on election night, but once it is verified that these are properly cast Same Day Registration provisional votes, they will be included in the “official” vote tally for the election. Learn More.

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