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NVAR regularly works with Northern Virginia’s elected representatives at the federal, state and local levels.

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For information on registering to vote, finding your polling place and voter I.D. requirements, visit the State Board of Elections website here.


335For information on registering to vote, finding your
polling place and voter I.D. requirements, visit the
State Board of Elections website here.


Cook Report’s Amy Walter Delivers Political Analysis – While NVAR Delivers the Pancakes

by Josh Veverka | 10/18/2021
Amy Walter

The setting changed from in-person to virtual once again in 2021, but the opening keynote on the final day of the NVAR Convention and Tradeshow maintained the tradition of the ever-popular Politics & Pancakes Breakfast.

On October 7, Realtors® from across Northern Virginia gathered in front of home computers, cell phones and tablets. Others traveled to watch parties at their brokers’ offices or to the NVAR Fairfax headquarters where pancakes and other breakfast items were on hand for those who preferred a hybrid-style event.

Joining the Realtors® online were 30 state and local elected officials representing Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, the Virginia House of Delegates, and the State Senate. RPAC contributors of $250 or more, who would normally attend the in-person event for free, as well as legislators, received cute DIY pancake kits as a “thank-you” from NV/RPAC!

No matter where they ate breakfast or how it was served, the menu featured insightful political analysis from Amy Walter, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of the non-partisan Cook Political Report with Amy Walter.

For more than 20 years, Amy Walter has built a reputation as an accurate, objective, and insightful political analyst with unparalleled access to campaign insiders and decision-makers. She is known as one of the best political journalists covering Washington and has provided analysis on virtually every major political program on television.

As the Politics & Pancakes breakfast speaker, Amy Walter did not disappoint.  Touching on the current nature of National politics, Walter said, “It’s true that red and blue are more deeply divided than ever, but we didn’t get here overnight. This did not start in 2016 or 2020 – we have been pulling apart for quite some time.” She went on to note that, “The problem is not that politicians can’t agree to compromise on issues – it’s that they can’t agree on what issues are the problems. In studies and surveys of candidates for office, not one issue overlaps when Republicans and Democrats list their top five issues of concern.”

Segueing into a preview of the 2022 midterm Congressional Elections, Walter reminded listeners that in four consecutive presidencies, the president’s party has lost control of the House and Senate during their tenure, and that the current approval ratings of President Biden (only 41% of respondents believe the President is doing a good job) could mean we are looking at a fifth straight change of power in Congress. 

Finally, Amy Walter discussed the most pressing election on many Virginians’ minds, the 2021 Gubernatorial contest between former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) and Glenn Youngkin (R). “We know that how the people view the President is a pretty good predictor about how they will vote in the upcoming election,” said Walter. “When a president is unpopular it depresses his own party’s voters, and it fires up the opposite side. This race in Virginia is still incredibly tight and competitive and is well within the margin of error for going either way. The Cook Report has it as a toss-up with a slight advantage to Governor Terry McAuliffe simply because of the partisan makeup of the state right now, but voter turnout and swing voters could turn this contest either way.” 

Whatever the outcome, the race for our next governor is being watched nationwide as a predictor for the 2022 midterm elections.  NVAR encourages everyone to get out and vote in the General Election on November 2.

Thank you to the NVAR members and our local elected officials for taking time to be with us. If you missed this year’s Politics & Pancakes Breakfast, there is still time to check out a recording of the event on NVAR's YouTube Page. Hurry because the recording will only be available until October 25. 

Please plan to join us next year – hopefully in-person – for this signature event.

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