Join or Renew

Here is all you need to join NVAR:

1) An active Virginia real estate license associated with an NVAR member Broker.

2) Completed NVAR Membership Application.  You may email it to or fax to 703-207-3275.

3) To get your SentriLock card, please visit us in person at either of our two centers (Fairfax / Herndon).

Contact Membership Services

New Member Orientation

After getting licensed and submitting your application to join NVAR, you must successfully complete the Realtor® Orientation Class. There is no charge for the Orientation class. Pre-registration required.

Visit the New Member Orientation page here

To learn more about the benefits of joining, click the banner below:

Dues Renewal Rates (for existing members):
NVAR $295.00
VR $120.00
NAR $155
Key Service Fee $10
Late Fee (if renewed after September 30th) $50
Reactivation Fee (if renewed after October 31st)  $50

Download the New Member Application to see the full New Member Prorated Dues and Fees Schedule for 2018.

2018 Dues & Fees

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Dues Billing process.  If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact

Dues FAQs

  • How Do I Renew Online

  • What is My Password

  • Can I Make Payments

  • Do I have to Pay VR and NAR

  • Don't You Have My Credit Card on File

  • Do I Have to Pay the RPAC

  • Can I Pay For My Spouse Too

  • I Didnt Know My Dues were Due. I Didn't Receive the Email. Can you Waive the Late Fee

  • I Dont Read My Emails. Can I get a Bill Mailed to me

  • If I Pay My Dues and Then Later Put my License into an Inactive Status, can I get a Refund

Notice About Expired Membership

If your NVAR membership has expired as of September 30, you need to contact NVAR during business hours via phone (703-207-3256) or in-person for reinstatement and for subsequent renewal of SentriLock service. You cannot renew expired memberships online, and you cannot re-activate SentriLock service remotely.