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The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® is the local Realtor® association for over 13,000 professionals. We promise our members to “Take You Further” by providing a variety of tools and resources to help you achieve success.

Become a Realtor®:

You Need:

1) An active Virginia real estate license associated with an NVAR member Broker.

2) A completed NVAR Member Application.

3) To get your SentriLock card, please visit us in person at either of our two centers (Fairfax / Herndon).

*Please note: Access to Bright MLS requires a separate application process from NVAR membership.

Become a Service Provider:

You Need:

1) A completed Service Provider Member Application. You may email it to or fax to 703-207-3275.

2) To get your SentriLock card, please visit us in person at either of our two centers (Fairfax / Herndon).

Contact Membership Services

Dues FAQs

  • How Do I Renew Online

  • What is My Password

  • Can I Make Payments

  • Do I have to Pay VR and NAR

  • Don't You Have My Credit Card on File

  • Do I Have to Pay the RPAC

  • Can I Pay For My Spouse Too

  • I Didnt Know My Dues were Due. I Didn't Receive the Email. Can you Waive the Late Fee

  • I Dont Read My Emails. Can I get a Bill Mailed to me

  • If I Pay My Dues and Then Later Put my License into an Inactive Status, can I get a Refund

Steps for a Smooth Renewal

  • Confirm that NVAR has your current email address: Login to your member record or contact Member Services at 703.207.3256
  • Read all NVAR email communications to learn important information about this process
  • Pay on time to avoid late pament fees or cancellation of your SentriCard® and NVAR Membership Benefits

Dues Renewal Rates (for existing members):

NVAR $295.00
VR $155.00
NAR $185
Key Service Fee $10

For 2019, NAR's dues increased from $155 to $185 and VR's dues from $120 to $155. For more information about NAR dues, click here; for more information about VR dues, click here.

Notice About Expired Membership

If your NVAR membership has expired as of September 30, you need to contact NVAR during business hours via phone (703-207-3256) or in-person for reinstatement and for subsequent renewal of SentriLock service. You cannot renew expired memberships online, and you cannot re-activate SentriLock service remotely.