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NVAR is Taking You Further with Remine Docs+

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For Your Future.

Remine Docs+ is one streamlined solution for collaborative, cloud-based, end-to-end document creation, e-signature, and transaction management. NVAR is transitioning to Remine Docs+ in order to provide members with an easy-to-use, streamlined and future-focused document platform.

*Docs+ has replaced Instanet/Authentisign as a member benefit and primary forms vendor; this change should not impact NVAR's arrangements with Dotloop, DocuSign and Zipforms.

Expanded Customer Support is now available!

1. Docs+ phone support is available M-F 10 a.m.-6 p.m..

2. Live chat & email support is available M-F 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sat/Sun 11 a.m.-8 p.m. in the core Remine web app via the help widget.

3. Support staff will monitor the email queue for major issues and emergencies weeknights until 1 a.m.

If you haven't yet taken advantage of this valuable member benefit, check it out today!

NVAR members using Docs+ now have access to all of the forms libraries that they need to do business in Virginia, DC and Maryland.

How to access your regional forms:

1. You should automatically have access to eligible forms libraries based on your membership.

2. VAR forms are automatically included in your Docs+ forms library.

3. GCAAR and MAR currently make their forms available to their members in Docs+. If you are a member of GCAAR and/or MAR, their Maryland and DC forms will appear in your Docs+ forms library.

You asked and we delivered!

Based on feedback from NVAR members, Remine Docs+ now lists the NVAR forms library alphabetically by form name instead of by form number.

Users may receive a warning that the forms have been updated in “My Packages.” The forms themselves have not changed, but users may wish to update their packages with the reorganized form names. However, this step is not necessary to use the forms, it is purely for organization on how the forms appear in a user’s Packages.

Meet Your New Power Tool for Transaction Management

Create smarter deals and close flawlessly.

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Create Forms

Create, fill out, and sign forms with your clients and cooperating agents.

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Stay organized and keep your to-do list connected to your transactions, forms and clients.

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Document Packages

Pre-built and customized collections of forms to set up new transactions fast.

What Is Docs+?

Docs+ is a true shift forward.

It integrates the entire transaction process — from document creation to backoffice submission and review — into one intuitive, cloud-based collaborative tool.

Gone are the days of emailing PDFs back and forth. With Docs+, you track your entire transaction all within one single document. This cloud-based solution allows cooperating agents to make in-line changes — making it easy to collaborate with others in real-time. It also keeps track of your version history so that you can review and audit edits later.

Check out the Intro to Docs+ User Guide!


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Document Packages
Document Packages are fully customizable, “templated” collections of prefilled forms that make offer generation quick and easy.

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Clause Kits
Repeatedly adding clauses/stipulations to documents one-by-one is arduous and can lead to costly errors. Agents can save time with Clause Kits — collections of clauses curated by agents, brokers or their MLSs that can be added directly to contracts in a few clicks.

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Smart Form Technology 
Transaction documents are “linked” to save time on repetitive field entries. Save additional time with automatically integrated signature and initial fields for all parties. Warnings and alerts highlight potential errors prior to sending and signing, preventing needless mistakes and potential amendments

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Multi-party Collaboration
All parties involved can make in-line changes in one cloud-based, collaborative document.

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Notifications and Highlights
Automated email notifications give agents peace of mind and keep them engaged in the transaction’s progress. Smart Form highlighting makes reviewing the changes made by cooperating agents quick and easy.

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Document History
Remine Docs+ offers an easy-to-access in-app edit/ change summary and a downloadable audit report where every signature, initial and edit is meticulously logged and tracked from start to finish.

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Admin and Broker Features
Brokers and admins can easily distribute fully customizable Checklists, Clauses and documents.


Docs+ Releases:

Transitioning From Instanet

To access and download your Instanet transactions, visit the archive site and follow the instructions in these resources:

Archive a Transaction

Download Documents as a Zip

Cloud Storage Tutorial

FB Live Instanet/Docs+ Office Hours