NVAR Lauds its 2018 Realtor® of the Year Tracy Comstock and its 2018 Hero Award Winner Nora Partlow

Tracy Comstock
2018 President Lorraine Arora lauds the 2018 Realtor® of the Year Tracy Comstock for her dedication to the industry and to NVAR.

WITH THE THEME OF OWN YOUR BRAND at the Oct. 9 NVAR Convention and Trade Show, two award-winning Realtors® are standout role models for creating their own identities and brands reflecting solid ethics, strong leadership, charitable outreach and success as practitioners.

At the opening session annual meeting, the 2018 NVAR Realtor® of the Year award went to Broker/Owner Tracy Comstock of Silverline Realty & Investment. The recipient of this annual award is a Realtor® who has contributed to and shown dedication toward our industry at the local, state and national levels. Coldwell Banker Realtor® Nora Partlow was tapped as this year’s NVAR Hero awardee for her charitable outreach in helping Neighborhood Health of Alexandria achieve its mission.


According to NVAR President Lorraine Arora, “Tracy Comstock has a history of serving not only her clients, but our industry and our membership for the past 18 years with professionalism and grace. As a founding member of the Asian Real Estate Association of America, Tracy worked to help promote homeownership opportunities to Asian Americans.”

Comstock has served as an exemplary teacher in the NVAR Realtor® School with classes such as pre-licensing, post-licensing, continuing education and Graduate, Realtor® Institute. Comstock’s passion for education extends to her own professional development, having earned multiple industry certifications and designations.

Her perspective while serving for the past six years on the NVAR Board of Directors has made a positive difference and has advanced the association’s strategic direction.

“Tracy’s commitment to advancing the professionalism of our practitioners has been apparent to us for years. She serves as an outstanding role model who has been honored for her work at the White House in D.C. as well as the Blue House in Seoul, South Korea,” said NVAR CEO Ryan Conrad.

20. Nora Partlow credit Wayne Hulehan

(L-R) 2018 NVAR President Lorraine Arora proudly holds the symbolic $1,000 check that will be donated to Neighborhood Health. Its executive director, Dr. Basim Khan (center), nominated Realtor® Nora Partlow for the 2018 NVAR Hero Award.


“Neighborhood Health, which provides free health care to clients throughout Northern Virginia, nominated Nora Partlow of Coldwell Banker for her charitable work benefitting [the nonprofit] with its fundraising goals. She also allowed this group to host board meetings in her coffee shop for free,” said Arora. Partlow’s charity will receive a $1,000 donation from the NVAR Cares Committee in her honor, explained Arora

“Our commitment to give back to the community is accomplished in many ways,” Conrad said. “Realtors® help create stability for neighbors, especially ones who may face a rough patch. We are proud that Neighborhood Health shared our member’s charitable work that helped advance its mission to provide no-cost health services.”

The NVAR Cares Committee supports local charities and, through the NVAR Hero Award, the association honors those members who have dedicated time, effort and funds to local nonprofits.

“Good housing helps to achieve a better quality of life. Realtors® understand the role that homeownership plays in shaping vibrant neighborhoods,” said NVAR Cares Committee Chair Marriah Unruh.

According to Dr. Basim Khan, executive director of Neighborhood Health, Partlow’s contributions have helped the nonprofit provide health care to low income, uninsured, and underinsured families.

“Nora has also helped to raise awareness and open new doors among colleagues and the business community,” Khan said.

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