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Access to Properties and Guides for Social Distancing


On March 19, NVAR released a COVID-19 addendum, which you can learn about in the video included in this email and by reading the March 19 blog post here. NVAR will be hosting a webinar on Monday to discuss the addendum, which you can register for here.
The situation remains fluid, but lenders, settlement agents and court clerk’s offices are still processing transactions. (Read an update of Northern Virginia local government operational status here). For this reason, the COVID-19 Addendum encourages parties to keep the deal alive, while at the same time protecting them if performance of their contractual obligations becomes impossible or impractical for reasons beyond their control. 

Guidelines for Social Distancing

As Realtors®, one of your primary duties is to act in the best interests of your clients. During this time, as long as property showings are still permitted, your clients may want to limit the number of people who physically enter their property while still wanting to keep their property listed for sale.
Under the Residential Sales Contract, a seller’s refusal to provide access is only a breach of the contract if the refusal is unreasonable. Manage your buyer client’s expectations and encourage them to be patient and understanding of the seller’s concerns.
Bright MLS has launched some temporary rules changes, which include relaxed showings requirements and updates to virtual tours. Click here to read more, and here for more Bright MLS resources.
For agents working on behalf of the buyer, do not take photos and/or videos of the property unless you have received the seller’s permission through the listing agent. This includes video showings. If you will be using FaceTime or Skype to show your client a property, you must receive authorization to do so. It is also important for buyer’s agents to have an honest conversation with their clients. Explain to them what permissions are being given, and what options are available to them.
For more information about allowing access to clients, as well as other professionals such as appraisers and inspectors, read NVAR’s blog: Showings in an Era of Social Distancing.
If your clients are continuing to buy and sell, do everything you can to protect those around you while continuing to uphold the best practices as inspired by the Code of Ethics.
NVAR is committed to keeping you updated regarding the latest news affecting your business, your industry and your communities at NVAR.com/onlineforbusiness.
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