Awards & Recognitions Advisory Group


Awards & Recognitions Advisory Group

The mission of the Awards & Recognitions Advisory Group is to ensure that qualified NVAR members and programs are identified, nominated, recognized and ultimately selected as recipients for local, state, national and international awards.


In alignment with NVAR's strategic plan and advisory group mission, the Awards and Recognitions Advisory Group serves as a brain trust for all NVAR's awards-focused activities, explores and makes recommendations for relevant opportunities that help develop member recognition, and promotes the pathways and benefits of applying for awards and honors on the local, state and national levels.

(Open to all NVAR members)

Group Members:

 Pat Kline
 Kara Richetti
 Kimberly Pace
 Leslie Hoban
 Thomas Curtin
 Karen Morgan
 Candice Bower
 Deborah Hillier
 Carol Dorsey

Staff Support:

Kate O'Toole
Digital Content Manager & Senior Editor
Diana Costa
Associate Director of Leadership Development & Executive Assistant to the CEO

Pat Kline

Kara Richetti