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Vote Realtor® Party on June 11

by Steve Russell | 05/30/2019

Northern Virginia Primary Election Overview

On the state level, all 140 members of the Senate and House of Delegates will be chosen this year. Locally, board seats in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William Counties will also be decided in 2019. In Fairfax County, the Board of Supervisors will see an unusually high turnover with long-term incumbents stepping down in five of the 10 seats, leaving those districts open to challengers for the first time in decades.

Due to changing demographics and few Republican candidates on the ballot, the June 11 Democratic primary election will be the deciding race for the open Board seats. In recent conversations with current and former Republican county supervisors, they stressed the importance of this June 11 Democratic primary, saying that regardless of your party affiliation you need to vote because the Fairfax County Board is at a crossroads not seen since 1990, and the winners of this primary election will be the Board for the next four years and beyond.   

NVAR urges you to get out and vote in the June 11 primary election and cast your vote for the best candidates for the industry. The Realtor® Party candidates below were chosen by the Northern Virginia Realtors® Political Action Committee (NV/RPAC) based on voting records, written responses to a questionnaire on real estate related issues, and in-person interviews. 



Jeff McKay (D) for Board of Supervisors Chairman

Supervisor Jeff McKay (D-Lee) has worked closely with NVAR on numerous matters to protect Realtor® interests in Fairfax County during his time as a supervisor. He was instrumental in crafting the agreement allowing Realtors® to post directional signage on weekends in the right-of-way and was again a key ally in our recent effort to secure the same exemption for off-premise commercial signage on private property. He also worked with NVAR on overcrowding issues in the county. McKay has extensive knowledge and the experience to lead one of the largest counties in the country. He is the only candidate for Chairman with Board experience.

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James Walkinshaw (D) for Braddock District Supervisor

During his interview with the NV/RPAC Trustees, James Walkinshaw displayed extensive knowledge of the Realtor® issues and voiced support for NVAR policy positions on transportation, taxation, planning and zoning and housing affordability. As Chief of Staff for Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-11), James has worked closely with NVAR and NAR on many issues, including tax reform.

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Walter Alcorn (D) for Hunter Mill District Supervisor

For 16 years Walter Alcorn has served on the Fairfax County Planning Commission. He is well positioned to lead the ongoing discussions regarding Reston redevelopment with a balanced approach in favor of Transit-Oriented Development while maintaining the neighborhood character of the community. During his interview with the NV/RPAC Trustees, Walter candidly discussed Reston area growth and development and voiced support for NVAR policy positions on real estate taxes, transportation funding and housing affordability. 

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Rodney Lusk (D) for Lee District Supervisor

Rodney Lusk rose above the other candidates in the Lee District race on Realtor® issues during his interview and on his questionnaire. His experience as the National Marketing Director for the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority and working as a land use and zoning aide in the office of then Fairfax County Supervisor Gerry Connolly gives Rodney the knowledge to move Fairfax County and the Lee District forward. His positions on transportation, taxation, planning and zoning, and housing affordability track closely to NVAR’s policy priorities.

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Phil Niedzielski-Eichner (D) for Providence District Supervisor

Phil Niedzielski-Eichner has extensive experience in Fairfax County Government, having previously served as Chair of the Fairfax County School Board and as the Providence District Planning Commissioner. During his interview with the NV/RPAC Trustees, Phil showed that this experience will help ease the transition of the Fairfax County Board as it faces tremendous turnover in the 2019 elections. Phil’s answers to interview questioning demonstrated an understanding and support for NVAR positions on real estate taxes, transportation priorities and funding, planning and zoning, and housing affordability.

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In the General Assembly, several long-time Realtor®-supported incumbents face primary election challenges and have received the endorsement of NV/RPAC and RPAC of Virginia. Each of the endorsed candidates consistently work with NVAR and the Virginia Realtors® to protect the real-estate industry and promote issues Realtors® care about. All have posted 100% voting records in favor of Realtor® priority issues. 


Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw (D) for Senate District 35 (Alexandria/Fairfax/Falls Church)

Senator Barbara Favola (D) for Senate District 31 (Arlington/Fairfax/Loudoun)

Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D) for House District 49 (Arlington)

Delegate Luke Torian (D) for House District 52 (Prince William)


Delegate Kay Kory (D) for House District 38 (Fairfax/Falls Church)

Delegate Vivian Watts (D) for House District 39 (Annandale)


Election Day: June 11, 2019, polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Absentee Voting: Eligible individuals may cast absentee ballots.  In-person absentee voting is currently underway.

  • June 4: Deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail, 5:00 pm
  • June 8: Final day to vote absentee in-person, 5:00 pm
  • June 11: Deadline to return your ballot to the Office of Elections, 7:00 pm

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