CE Elective: Plumbing Systems [NVAR Fairfax]

March 27, 2023

8407 Pennell Street
Fairfax, VA

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Continuing Education Specialty

Instructor: Eric Boll


Elective CE: 1 hour

The plumbing system must function properly every day, not only for your convenience,but also for your health. Nobody ever thinks about the plumbing system until it doesn’t work. This practical, one-hour course covers everything a real estate professional should know about a residential plumbing system.

This course will teach you:

•    Basic plumbing terms and definitions

•    The most common plumbing problems, the causes and easy troubleshooting

•    What clients’ expectations are regarding plumbing


By the end of this session you will be able to:

•    Explain the distinction between water supply waste water plumbing systems

•    Describe the characteristics of old and new plumbing materials

•    Explain the implications of an old plumbing system and the benefits of upgrading the system

•    List the top five water supply plumbing problems and the implications to your client

•    List the top five wastewater plumbing problems and the implications to your client

•    Troubleshoot basic plumbing problems and offer easy solutions