Alarm.com Smart House Tour [Hybrid]

June 11, 2021

Office: Online

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Smart Home Tour

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see a real "smart home" up close?

Join NVAR's Realtor®-Builders Forum and NVAR’s Technology Advisory Series on Friday, June 11th at 11AM for a free session on Smart Home Technology, hosted by our friends at Alarm.com

We have 15 slots available to view the smart home in person! After those 15 spots are filled, please register via Zoom.

*For in person attendees, you will be emailed contact info for the Smart House on Thursday

In-person registration has been filled

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We will have Q&A available for those online as well as a demo iOS program to see how some of the devices work together.

Having a fully automated smart home used to feel like something from the movies, but it's now a reality -- and an affordable one, at that. 

Home automation is a very exciting concept in that it allows homeowners to keep track of their property, insuring it is secure and running smoothly, whether they're in the home or on vacation hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Alarm.com is the nations leading technology supplier of smart home solutions, and has created the only Smart Home Demo House - and guess what, it's right here in Falls Church, VA. 

The Alarm.com Demo House showcases some of the coolest home automation tools on the market today, and we’re giving you a “sneak peak” into this house and a tour of all the cool tools inside.

The Alarm.com Smart Home includes powerful cloud technology that seamlessly connects all of the newest smart technology devices inside (and outside) together in a single mobile app. 

You’ll even be able to ask an Alarm.com expert host questions to help understand each feature better, in real time.

Learn the future of new technology advancements in New Home Construction, so you can be the best possible resource for your clients, who may be looking to have a home built. 

Alarm.com will provide an overview of how Smart Home Technology is impacting home use and design post-COVID 19, and how Smart Home Technology is impacting the green space of environmental friendliness.

Please feel free to submit questions ahead of time using subject line: “Alarm.com Smart Home Tour” and email to to webmaster@nvar.com  

For those registered in person, you will receive an email on Thursday, 6/10 with directions to the Smart House. For Zoom registrations, please navigate to the link in the email at the specified time.