MD Continuing Education (MD CE)


Expanding Your Reach

NVAR has collaborated with the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors® (GCAAR) to ensure that Maryland licensees can maintain their licenses without making a trip across the river!

All Maryland salesperson licensees must complete 15 hours of approved continuing education credit in the following subjects:

  • 3Hrs. MD Code of Ethics and Predatory Lending
  • 3Hrs. MREC Agency Residential
  • 3Hrs. MD Legislative Update
  • 1.5Hrs. MD Fair Housing
  • 4.5Hrs. Professional Enhancement (General Electives)
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Required Maryland CE

MD Code of Ethics and Predatory Lending

3Hrs Required MD CE
You have read the Code of Ethics, but do you know how to apply it in everyday situations? Attend this class for a deeper understanding of NAR’s and Maryland’s ethics regulations.

MD Legislative Update

3Hrs. Required MD CE
Break down the legislative process and gain insight into legislation that impacts the business of selling real estate in Maryland.

MD Fair Housing

1.5Hrs. Required MD CE
This course will discuss federal, state, and local fair housing laws, as well as the different protected classes and how to work with diverse buyers and sellers.

MREC Agency Residential

3Hrs. Required MD CE
This course will walk participants through Maryland agency law step-by-step and provide guidance for compliance.

Elective MD CE

Avoiding Settlement Pitfalls

1.5 Hrs. Elective MD CE
Learn current information regarding settlement pitfalls and how to avoid situations that could derail contracts and settlements. The course will provide you with important information on the differences in forms and practice between local jurisdictions and with practical tips compiled by an attorney to help you streamline the contract to closing process.

Contract Basics

3Hrs. Elective MD CE
Delve into the details of GCAAR and MAR contracts, so you have no questions about what information you and your client must provide.

Creating Value Through Renovation Loans

1.5 Hrs. Elective MD CE
Acquiring a home renovation loan and using that borrowed money to make improvements is a proven way to increase the value of a house and, at the same time, improve the comfort and aesthetics of the living space. But how exactly does borrowing more money end up increasing the value of the home? Attend this class to find out the answer.

First-Time Homebuyer Financing

1.5 Hrs. Elective MD CE
Understand the fundamentals of government homebuyer programs so you can explain their opportunities and limitations.

GCAAR Sales Contract Review

3 Hrs. Elective MD CE
In this GCAAR Sales Contract course, we will discuss the document’s details and how to properly implement this contract.

Mortgage Basics

3 Hrs. Elective MD CE
Learn about: debt ratios, credit scores, automated underwriting, recent appraisal rules, the differences between different types of lenders, the latest condo rules, a proper pre-approval letter, loan limits, and much more.

VA Financing

3 Hrs. Elective MD CE
This class will present a background of VA Financing and also provide the latest VA guidelines. Learn the challenges to avoid in credit management. VA Financing has emerged as a viable mortgage financing alternative for borrowers. VA Financing offers low down payments and adjustable rates. This class will also provide a deeper understanding of VA's guidelines and knowledge for structuring VA contracts.

MD CE: VA Financing [NVAR Headquarters]

Oct 18, 2019 | Fairfax, Va

Comparison of GCAAR & MAR Contracts

1.5Hrs. Elective MD CE
Compare the MAR Sales Contract and GCAAR Contract so you know when and how to use them.

Contracts, Settlement Procedures & Disclosures

3 Hrs. Elective MD CE
This class will familiarize the agent with the appropriate contract forms, provisions and addenda - both available and required and to discuss how each of these documents impacts the settlement process. In addition, we will review settlement procedures and discuss issues that arise in the settlement process.

Credit Score and Its Effect on Your Clients

2 Hrs. Elective MD CE
Do you know what to do (and what NOT to do) to obtain a good credit score? This class will outline determining factors and help you determine the best move for your client.


3 Hrs. Elective MD CE
Foreclosures and short sales are a significant part of today’s real estate market. Expand your knowledge of the foreclosure process, so you can understand how to execute this type of sale.

MD CE: Foreclosures [NVAR Headquarters]

Jul 26, 2019 | Fairfax , Va

Ins & Outs of Contracts

1.5Hrs. Elective MD CE
Become a sales contract expert with this course. Participants will become familiar with the current contract and provisions, strategies for use, and potential problem areas to be aware of in a transaction.

Negotiating in Today's Market

3 Hrs. Elective MD CE
At the completion of this course, participants will have an understanding and a tool-kit of effective negotiation skills and strategies to create win-win solutions for real estate transactions.

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