Inspired Home Staging and Design



The goal of home staging is to show a property in a way that would appeal to the widest array of buyers. This helps them envision your house as their own, rather than through the lens of your personal tastes.

Using specific techniques like furniture removal and rearranging, painting in neutral tones, and placing selective accents, the idea is that home staging can dramatically transform how a home presents without you having to do any major renovations.

Moreover, the concept of staging has been popularized in the public mind through the rise of social media and home improvement shows on TV.

Realtor® Benefits

Home staging partners de-clutter and decorate a property to allow the buyer to visualize themselves living in the home. Home staging makes the property look its best and appear move-in ready, so homeowners can sell their home faster and at a higher value.

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Shop Realtor®

On The Market

Whether representing a buyer or seller, Realtors® undertake hundreds of steps in a real estate transaction. Shop Realtor® competency solutions help them navigate the process from listing to closing.

Marketing and showing activities require access to and understanding of the latest lockbox tools and services, but there’s so much more. From sign posts to home staging services and open house products, Shop Realtor® provides on-the-market tools and affiliated professionals for every stage of the process. The association is committed to member safety, too, with access to dozens of resources that help to minimize risk while marketing and showing properties.